Little Girl Suffers From a Rare Case of Dwarfism Despite Both Parents Being Almost 6 Feet Tall

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Every person is special in their own way. In fact, there would always be that one thing that makes a person stand out in a crowd. Such is the case of this little girl who bears traits which are quite unique from others. Even before she was born, her parents knew that there was something unusual about her. Later, they discovered she had a rare condition of dwarfism.

A 23-year-old then expecting mother Jaime Jenkins and her partner, Jakob were excited to become parents. However, after getting the woman’s 12th-week ultrasound, they discovered something with the development of their baby. It was hard for them to know what was wrong during that time since their daughter’s condition could not be defined.


A few weeks prior giving birth, the doctors told Jaime that her baby girl’s lungs hadn’t completely developed. It was a risky pregnancy and they advised her to terminate her unborn child to save her own life. However, the mother could not give up her daughter’s life for the sake of her own.


“I could feel her kicking and we’d already named her. There was no way I couldn’t give her a chance at life,” Jaime said.

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Soon, Helena was born. It was hard, but her parents had readied themselves to bid their baby farewell as the doctors said she would not survive.


The infant did not only surprise her parents, but also the experts as she continued to grow stronger. Six weeks after her birth, the doctors finally found out that she had ‘diastrophic dysplasia,’ which is a rare case of dwarfism.

Helena had undergone a series of surgeries and almost lost her life three times. The little girl stayed in the hospital for her first three months. Also, Jaime and Jakob studied how they could take care of their daughter.


The couple had their DNA tested and that was when they discovered that both of them are carrying that rare dwarfism gene. As a result, even though both of them are around 6 feet tall, their child was small.


The two have yet to decide if they will have more children because there is a tendency for the next off-spring to suffer from the same condition. Also, they are already very busy being hands-on parents to Helena.

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The little girl loves princess dresses. It brings Helena happiness despite spending a lot of time in the hospital. She also likes it when people give her attention as she flashes her pearly whites in pictures.


In fact, Helena has already started modeling for a handmade clothing brand.


Jaime and Jakob shared the story of their daughter on social media hoping to inspire parents whose children are also suffering from the same disease.


“Helena has already amazed us in so many ways. She’s a real little miracle and I hope our story helps other parents who are facing the same situation,” the mother stated.


Helena has hospital checkups at least twice a month which is not only hard for her but also for her parents. Nonetheless, the couple is doing everything they can to keep their daughter happy.

What can you say about Helena’s determination despite her condition? Did her story inspire you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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