Lucky OFW Shares Her Experience Working With a Good Employer in the Middle East

     2 months ago
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One of the usual places in which overseas Filipino workers (OFW) go to seek employment is in the Middle East. The Middle East comprises of several countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, among others.

OFW go to these countries because they usually post openings about needing domestic helpers. Filipinos see this as an opportunity since Philippine peso – when exchanged with foreign currencies – usually have a high value. As such, they aim to work abroad so that the money they will earn there, when converted to Philippine pesos, would be ample enough for their families.

A certain OFW under the alias of Eyashi DG shared that she had a very good employer while working in the Middle East. Her story was posted on the Facebook page “Kwentong OFW,” where it has currently received 3,800 likes and reactions, around 141 shares, and 394 comments as of this writing. 

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According to Eyashi, she’s based in Lebanon, where she has been working for 11 years already. She narrated that her female employer is a widow who has two fully grown daughters.

Unlike most of the awful employers you hear about in the Middle East, Eyashi said that hers is very kind in nature. She shared that she does not have any problems with her “Madame” – just when the latter has occasional tempers, which she added is not a concern for her.

via facebook/KwentongOFWs

An excerpt of her post reads:

“I’m free here.Food,personal things,clothings,and net…I don’t have a formal day-off kasi ako mismo ang nagsabing ayaw ko.Nakakalabas naman ako and I can go to a place na gusto ko if I want too…” 

“Di po totoo na masasama ang Arab people at lalong di rin dapat katakutan ang magwork sa Mid-east…” 

In the end, Eyashi said that the working condition of every OFW really depends on their respective employer’s personality and attitude, not necessarily on the location (i.e. the Middle East).

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This is her full post on Facebook:

via facebook/KwentongOFWs

Here are the netizens’ comments about her story:

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What do you think about this OFW’s story? Do you have relatives working in the Middle East as well? Do they have kind employees too? Let us know your stories in the comments section below! 


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