Man Gets Rescued by Fire Fighters after His Manhood Got Stuck in Weights at a Gym

     1 week ago
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I don’t think he would return to the same gym anytime soon.

Have you had an embarrassing accident that you wouldn’t want to go out and show your face to other people after? At some point in our lives, we’ve experienced embarrassing experiences that we would rather forget in time. Human’s curiosity has led to many humiliating mishaps, but this man’s “accident” would be the most excruciating.

For some reason, a man in Germany decided to stick his manhood inside the hole of a 2.5kg weight at a gym. It was too late when he realized it wasn’t a good idea. When he tried to take his penis out, it won’t budge. Though embarrassed to show what had happened, he had no choice but to call for help.

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Firefighters in the city of Worms immediately responded and soon posted a picture showing the smashed 2.5kg weight after they spent three hours slicing the weights to bits. The man was initially brought to a hospital, but doctors failed to remove his stuck manhood. That was when the firefighters decided to put matters in their hands.

The man had to be sedated as firefighters using angle grinders, a saw and a hydraulic rescue device broke the weight to finally release the penis. Writing on Facebook, the fire service said: ‘Please do not imitate such actions!’


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