Man Plays Video of Bride-to-be and Her Lover inside a Hotel during Their Wedding Banquet

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This is the best revenge ever!

Women often prefer well-to-do men. Marrying men with money is the ultimate goal for some women, hoping they could live the rest of their lives with ease. Sometimes, women opt for these men, without even loving them a bit. With this at hand, many rich businessmen become suspicious of beautiful women who choose them.

One rich businessman was about to get married but made one last precautionary move a month before the set date. The groom hired Miss Zhuo, 42, a private investigator from AJAX Investigations & Security Services to follow his fiancée and expose anything she does wrong.

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He didn’t expect anything to turn out, but to his surprise, Zhuo reported to him just a week after his order. She then showed him a video of his fiancée together with her lover entering a hotel room. They went separate ways later, but definitely came from the same room.

Said Miss Zhuo:

“She checked into a hotel room with a man, and they left separately after that.

“However, both of them came from the same room.”

Zhuo was sure that the man would definitely call the wedding off. However, she was shocked when the groom invited her to the wedding. Apparently, he wanted to shame his cheating fiancée in front of all family and friends during the wedding banquet.

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She said:

“The groom was playing this wedding collage video when suddenly it switched to the footage that my colleague and I had captured during our stakeout.

“He (the groom) was deliberately humiliating the bride.

“She quickly left the banquet and the whole event was called off.”


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