Man saves up for Two Years to Buy a Gift for His Wife and Brings Piggy Banks to the Jewelry Store

     2 months ago
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He was able to save enough coins to fill two large piggy banks.

Many married couples end up divorcing or separating despite staying together for years and even having children in the process. Couples tend to lose that ‘spark’ as years pass, leading to the inevitable: separation. With this at hand, many people try everything they can do to keep the relationship intact, if not growing stronger.

A Taiwanese husband, named Wang Yongyou, always wanted to buy his wife a ‘special gift’ but end up getting short on funds. But that didn’t stop him. To show his perseverance and dedication to giving his wife that gift, he decided to save up money for two years.

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Today, he was able to save hundreds of coins enough to fill up two piggy banks. After counting all the coins, it summed up to RM 4,370 (US$1,300) which was enough for Wang to be able to buy some precious jewelries.

He said: “I have always wanted to buy a good birthday present for my wife so I got this piggy bank to save money. I fed the pig with coins every day and have been doing so for two years. Finally, I have saved enough!”

He contacted Mahua Jewelery in Taiwan, and asked them if they would accept his coins as payment for a gift. Apparently, it was his wife’s birthday in a few days. The store immediately said yes, and told him that they were even willing to count it with him.

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On his wife’s birthday, he brought the two piggy banks and headed for the said jewelry shop. He then used a knife to open the top and poured all the coins into two containers where four of the store’s staff assisted him in counting them.

Knowing how precious the gifts were, his wife shared pictures of them on social media and tagged as many husbands she knew—so they would follow her husband’s footsteps soon!


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