Man Uses a Stick to Pop a Giant Water Bubble in His Yard—like it was a Massive Pimple! -done

     3 months ago
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I’d love to play on that puddle first though!

A homeowner from Pennsylvania was shocked to discover a rather large water bubble in his yard after a heavy downpour. James Callender jumped on the growth and decided that it needed to be removed from the yard. The best option they had in mind was to ‘pop’ the water bubble as if it was a massive pimple.

‘I found this odd lawn bubble in my back yard. So strange but interesting,’ he said after posting the video on YouTube.

’I’ve never seen this before in all my life but apparently it’s rained so much that it’s made a water bubble in the yard.

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‘I hope it’s not going to turn into Noah’s Ark,’ he says as he starts prodding at the large bubble with a sharp garden implement in the video.

‘Now I’m going to try to relieve the pressure,’ he says as he pokes it.

These bubbles aren’t as rare as you’d expect. The bizarre bubbles are usually caused when water gets trapped between a lawn and a membrane laid to limit weed growth underneath. The water cannot drain and causes the ground to balloon.

James then climbs onto the bubble in a bid to force the stubborn water out.

It moves like a waterbed as James walks around it, repeatedly poking it and trying to force the water out.

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Suddenly he breaks through and the water pours urgently out of one hole.

‘Don’t try this at home kids,’ he says.


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