Man Who Brought Money for Child’s Hospitalization Allegedly Killed by Police during Custody

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They took him into custody, and was released a dead man.

Several reports involving police brutality and killings have been surrounding the Philippines in the past weeks. Teens were allegedly gunned down for involvement in drug trading, while others are simply caught in the war and are ‘accidentally’ killed. The killings have brought many Filipinos to question the way the government is handling its war on drugs.

While families are still mourning the deaths of these victims, yet another man was allegedly killed by police after he refused to show the contents of his bag.

A man named Eduardo Serino, SR. from Lintangan Sibuco Zamboanga del Norte, came home to provide hospitalization funds for his child who was recently in an accident. But when he found out that what he brought wasn’t enough to cover all the expenses, he decided to go home and sleep for the meantime.

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But since it has been quite some time since he had been home, he got lost for a second. While trying to find the way home, he rested for a while. That was when police suddenly approached him and asked him what was inside the bag he was carrying.

Since he didn’t want to open his bag in public as people started gathering around them, he refused to do so. The policemen then took him into custody. What happened during questioning wasn’t reported, but he came out a dead man. Family and friends claim he was unrecognizable because of the bruises and cuts he had all over his body and face.

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It was later revealed that his bag only contained his IDs.

Lord God Almighty pls find justice to d late manong EDUARDO SERINO SR..taga Lintangan Sibuco Zbga del Norte..isang…

Posted by Rosherl Taburnal Lumpapac on Thursday, October 5, 2017

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