Massive Python Unbelievably Swallows Whole Deer within Seconds in Disturbing Video

     1 month ago
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Is this even possible?

Snakes. They are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world. These slithering reptiles can kill hundreds of cattle with just a drop of their venom, and they can even swallow other living things far bigger than their mouths. They can wrap themselves around their prey and suffocate them first before making sure by giving them a deadly venomous bite.



We’ve seen snakes being killed by villagers and locals before they are opened up to remove the carcasses inside their bodies. But have you seen one in action? A video posted to Facebook page Pinoy Rap Radio showing a large python swallowing a whole deer in just a matter of seconds is raising eyebrows. Is it real, or is this fake?

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Is this possible? Apparently, it is. It slathers its prey with saliva, and then uses its toothy upper jaw to shove the animal down its throat. Swallowing a deer is impressive, but pythons have also been known to take down alligators, small humans and even other larger snakes.

With this at hand, it is always best to stay clear of snakes—especially hungry ones!

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