“Mayabang.” Ogie Diaz’s Singer Friend Describes Xander Ford in One Word

     2 months ago

Does getting a new face also meant getting a new personality? For the newest Crush ng Bayan Xander Ford, probably. It seems like his newfound fame from his half a million pesos’ worth of cosmetic surgery is tantamount to acting like a million-dollar douche.


In a nutshell, that’s how some people are now describing the artist formerly known as Marlou Arizala. After undergoing a massive facial transformation through a series of surgeries, the former Hasht5 member seemed to forget who actually made him famous: fans who supported him at his worst. Physically.

According to showbiz observer, Ogie Diaz, his singer friend actually said that Xander came off as arrogant during one of their encounters.

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On Facebook. Ogie funnily wrote what happened:

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Another friend of Ogie’s, who also works at ABS-CBN, witnessed another rude encounter from Xander. “Korek! Mamshie Ogie Diaz sinagawan ung marshall nung isang gabe (wed taping of ggv).” He added, “Di daw sya papasok pg di pinapasok manager nia. Hahahaha.”

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The same commenter also mentioned how Xander tried to disguise himself by covering his face with a hood while walking like a big shot. It seemed that he didn’t want fans to make a fuss out of him in the hallway.

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Other netizens noticed that the new Pambansang Oppa used to have attitude problems back when he was still un-retouched Marlou.

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via instagram.com/iamxanderford

One commented: “Daming posts regarding sa pagiging mayabang nya simula nung nag pa retoke sya. Tsk tsk very bad… ultimo dati nung wala pang retoke sakniya madami din po issues na lumalabas.”

Here are other reactions:

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via facebook.com/ogie.diaz.5


In another post, Ogie poked fun at Xander’s get-up when he left a coffee shop, along with 5 companions. It wasn’t that the celebrity was hanging out with friends, but it’s because he was wearing a neck pillow.

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Ogie took a jibe, asking if the TV station is now an airport.

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Of course, netizens had a good laugh over the comedian’s quip.

PEP.ph has already reached out to the team of Xander Ford to address these rumors of a bad attitude.


What can you say about this news? Do you think Xander Ford has now become mayabang? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!





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