‘Monster Fish’ With Two Mouths and a Bizarre Tail Caught by Fishermen in Waters of Russia

     3 months ago
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Everything about it was out of this world!

The vast sea definitely holds many secrets—secrets that we may never uncover. Fortunately, some of these deep sea creatures are the ones revealing themselves, slowly letting us discover life under the water.

This odd-looking fish shows itself to fishermen, terrifying and baffling locals. They reportedly caught the fish along Primorsky Krai in Russia, and immediately dubbed it a monster fish. The creature appears to have two mouths, one on the face and another on the neck. Of course, it gives an eerie look with its bizarre hook tail too!

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Fishermen also pointed out the fish’s bulging yellow belly, which made it look pregnant.

Many were quick to point out that this series of mutation could have been caused by the Fukushima explosion while others claimed that ‘nature’ is mutating to avenge humans who constantly seek for ways to ruin the earth.


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