Mother Bashed for Viral Photo With 2-Month-Old Daughter Reveals Truth

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If you travel a lot, you may have experienced a delayed flight more than once. It can get annoying as the waiting period can last for hours. In 2016, Molly, a mother of three from Illinois, had their flight delayed for 20 hours. That was a stressful situation for her as she was with her 2-month old daughter who was getting fussy. She was sitting on a bench and using her phone while her daughter rested on a blanket on the floor.

At the time, she did not know that a man took a photo of them. The photo was uploaded to Facebook and eventually went viral with more than 65,000 shares as of this writing. It was captioned with a quote from the late great Albert Einstein:

“Albert Einstein said, ‘I fear the day that technology will take on our humanity… the world will be populated by a generation of idiots.”

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After the photo of her went viral, Molly was unaware that she was already being bashed on social media. Netizens were criticizing her for ignoring her daughter and leaving her on the floor while she was on her smartphone.

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Eventually, Molly found out about the viral post and, to make matters worse, her name was even exposed to the world. Due to the immense amount of online hate, Molly had to reveal the truth and the context behind the photo before the issue got even bigger.

“We had the unfortunate luck of being stuck in the middle of the Delta computer shutdown,” Molly, a pediatric nurse, said to Today Parents.

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The mother of three revealed that her flight got delayed and she tried to re-book numerous times. She had her daughter in a carrier for hours, causing her arms to go tired. Molly explained that she was using her cellphone to contact her family.

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Molly was afraid that the falsely captioned photo would ruin her reputation and affect her work.

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What happened to this mother is proof that people shouldn’t be quick to judge. Don’t immediately believe everything you see on social media.

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What can you say about Molly’s unfortunate experience? What do you think of the man who judged her prematurely and uploaded her photo to social media? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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