MRT 3 car wash is most expensive ever at P80M

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Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) Party-List Representative Jericho Nograles revealed that the government funded Php 80.049 million for the car wash services of Busan Universal Rail Inc. (BURI) to the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3) for three years.

Nograles broke down the amount and said that BURI is charging MRT 3 at least Php 74,000 daily or at least Php 2.22 million monthly  to wash the Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) of the MRT 3 which is tantamount to car wash services for 500 cars daily.

Of the Php 3.8 billion maintenance service contract for the MRT-3, over Php 80 million is allotted for car washing only good for three years.

Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) report on the former car wash provider, Sumitomo corp., showed that it only charged Php 350,000 monthly or Php 12.6 million for three years, a far cry from the services charged by BURI.

The Busan Universal Rail Inc. (BURI) is perhaps the world’s most expensive car wash service provider,” Nograles said.

As the representative addressed  Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, the former said that the it must terminate the contract with BURI.

Secretary Tugade should already terminate this very anomalous contract. The government should stop all payments for BURI due to non-compliance of the terms of their contract,” Nograles said.

Perusal of the contract with BURI proved it was “ anomalous,  defective and not compliant with pertinent laws on the government procurement  of goods and services” as Nograles explained.

He even added that the mistakes of the past administration must not be burdened on the Duterte administration.

The Duterte administration should not be carrying this burden of getting the flak for the malfeasance and misfeasance of the past administration,” Nograles said.

When probed by Nograles regarding the expensive charge, BURI explained that  “any savings generated from this will be re-allocated as a contingency fund which shall be utilized to fund other requirements for the Contract.”

Nograles pointed out that the excessive charges for maintenance provision of the MRT 3 had all been clarified by the BAC as kept under the contingency fund.

BURI did not even spend time making a detailed explanation on the derogatory observations made by the panel. They simply cut and paste a packaged response that all savings derived from their excessive fees will be re-allocated to the contingency fund. Now the big questions is, where is the contingency fund and who is administering the contingency fund?” Nograles said.

Source: Manila Standard

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MRT 3 car wash is most expensive ever at P80M
MRT 3 car wash is most expensive ever at P80M
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June 04, 2017

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