Mysterious ‘Baby Alien’ Caught With a Mousetrap in Mexico Baffles Scientists and Experts

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What scares you more: we are alone in the universe, or that we are NOT alone?

In the past decades, there have been a lot of cases wherein people claim to have seen or encountered unidentified objects or aliens. Some even claim that they have been abducted and returned for some reason. While most of these claims do not have proof to back them up, there have been several claims that has reached the public wherein witnesses claim that evidences are removed from crash sites.

However, one claim by an owner from a small ranch in the town of Metepec, Mexico has been baffling scientists and experts for years. Since its discovery in 2007, scientists were wondering what kind of creature it was.

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Its bizarre appearance and the sound it was making was said to be ‘unlike anything of this world’. Reports on the internet claim that the Metepec Creature’s body has an unknown structure and contains human DNA deep inside its cells. Some believe this phenomenon to be an elaborate hoax, but others are sure this is proof of alien life.

Though the ‘discovery’ has been a breath of fresh air for many alien enthusiasts, the baby alien’s discovery was soon proven to be a hoax.

In December 2012, UK’s Channel 4 investigated the creature, using 3D mapping and advanced DNA testing. Professor Donald Quicke identified the “baby alien” as a monkey. Channel 4’s DNA testing confirmed that the creature was in fact a Marmoset monkey.

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