Nadine Lustre’s Teenage Brother Has Allegedly Committed Suicide

     2 months ago
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Nadine Lustre used to appear on our social media feeds and timelines with her controversial statements regarding her situation with James Reid. Now, the actress may be facing another unfortunate incident.

It was reported by Inquirer Bandera that Nadine’s own brother may have committed suicide. According to the report, Nadine Lustre shared a cryptic post on her personal Instagram account, particularly in the Stories feature.

A picture of a semi-colon was seen, along with the hashtag of “#KeepGoing.” James also shared the same picture on his own account as well.

The report cited that the semi-colon is used as a symbol for suicide awareness that was popularized by Amy Bleue. She inked herself using that symbol to remind herself of her father who committed suicide.

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No other information was provided but it was alleged by Philippine Star Pang-Masa that Nadine’s brother shot himself in the head.

Based on the source, he was identified as Isaiah Paguia Lustre, a 16-year-old resident of No. 19 Hilo St., Silvina Village, Barangay Talipapa in Quezon City.

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The statements of his siblings, Ezekiel and Naomi, implied that the victim shot himself around 7:45 p.m. on October 9, 2017. They were both playing games on their iPad when a gunshot was heard from the teenager’s room.

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When they went to his room, they found him sprawled on the floor filled with blood. They immediately sought the help of their neighbors, who brought the teenager to Pacific Global Medical Center.

Unfortunately, it was too late for the young man.

According to his family, he didn’t seem to have any deep-seated problems. However, for the past few weeks, they noticed his rather gloomy disposition. Isaiah was withdrawn, silent, irritable, and refused to talk to anyone. He also locked himself in the room constantly. Too often, those who struggle with depression don’t show any signs other than those listed here.

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via YouTube/EntervRexWorldII
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Meanwhile, Nadine’s father Ulysses has yet to release a statement regarding her son’s alleged death. She believed that he took his own life, hence her refusal to let the authorities investigate more on the matter.

If such is the case, then we at TNP offer our most sincerest condolences to those affected by this incident. We hope the truth comes to light soon.

What do you think about this news concerning Nadine Lustre ‘s brother, readers? Do you have friends who are seemingly in a depressed state as well? Please don’t ignore this as they may be prone to commit suicide as well! Listen to them and be supportive! 

Share your thoughts about this issue in the comments section below! 

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