Nanny Fired from Job after Stealing and Drinking Employer’s Breast Milk Meant for Two Babies

     3 months ago
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The nanny claimed the breast milk was meant for her anemia.

For many working moms, it isn’t easy to breastfeed newborn babies while attending to their jobs. New moms can only be on break for so long, and babies still need to be breastfed. With this at hand, many moms pump their breasts and save up milk for their children before going to work. And yes, the saved up breast milk is extremely precious.

But one employer, surnamed Lin, from Kaohsiung city in Taiwan, had grown to suspect that her nanny was secretly drinking the breast milk that was meant for her two infant children. After seeing her nanny walking towards the kitchen with an empty milk bottle, Lin confronted her and asked her about it. The nanny then denied it and said that she fed the entire bottle to both babies.

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She then discovered that the nanny had drunk it and she proceeded to scold and instruct her, “in the future, if my daughter is full, please feed the rest to my son!”

However, several incidents indicated that the nany continued to drink the breast milk, prompting Lin to install a camera to monitor the nanny’s actions.

One footage showed the nanny feeding the baby, before looking at the camera—seemingly checking the camera’s range. She then walked to the kitchen area where she thought the camera won’t reach her, and drank the remaining milk.

Lin was disgusted at how the nanny had lied and failed to properly feed her daughter.

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She also was appalled that “she didn’t even bother to burp her!”


Initially, the nanny refused to admit to what she had done but eventually said that she “had only drunk a little bit”. She also told her employer that the breast milk helped her with her anaemia and that her previous employer had given her milk to take home.


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