Naval Nurses Relieved From Duty After What They Were Doing To Newborn Babies Were Exposed

     3 months ago
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The online world was in rage after a video of a nurse making a newborn baby groove to rap music and photos of another nurse showing her middle finger to a newborn baby went viral. The nurses were from Naval Hospital Jacksonville, in Florida.

The video and photos were originally uploaded in Snapchat but later shared in Facebook by netizens who have seen it.

“How I currently feel about these mini Satans.” These were the words of the nurse who posted a photo of herself in Snapchat showing a middle finger to an infant. The other incident was then captured in a video.

In the video, a nurse can be seen holding a baby under its arms while she dances with the baby to the music of 50 cent’s “In Da Club“. She can be seen having fun with what she was doing while her co-worker who was recording the scene said “We are going to hell” while giggling.

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According to a report from CBS 47 Fox 30 Action News Jax, the babies who were involved in the two incidents were newborns and the one in the video who was forced to dance to a rap music was just hours old.

The Naval Hospital Jacksonville said that the nurses have been relieved and they are now conducting investigations. The hospital’s statement said, “We have identified the staff members involved. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice.”

Many netizens then poured their opinions and criticisms on the nurses involved. A netizen named Joy Allen said “As a former Navy daughter, Navy wife and mother of a child born at NAS JAX I am sicken[sic] by this behavior. I am sure that if I caught someone doing that to my child…your a** would have been grass under the lawn mower. Shame!”

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SOURCE: Dailymail

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