Nepalese Vendor Chases and Attacks Family after They Complained About Her Pricey Black Tea

     3 months ago
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They complained about the pricey black tea, prompting the woman to attack them.

Almost everybody loves to travel. It is always a good time to travel and experience the life in other countries we haven’t seen in our lives, creating memories that will forever be in our hearts and minds. However, it is also inevitable to experience bad things while travelling.

The culture in other countries can differ far from ours, and experiencing that difference first-hand can be a shock for some. This British mom didn’t expect that their ‘good time’ while trekking along the Annapurna Circuit with her teenage stepson would take a scary turn when they stopped to buy refreshments at a tea house.

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35-year-old Gemma Wilson was shocked that the black tea she used to order was sold at 150 rupees, when she thought it should only cost 50 rupees.

Wilson said: “I always ask how much something is first before buying and for some reason I didn’t this time. I had always paid 50 rupee for black tea.”

She added: “When I got up to pay she told it was 150 rupee. I asked her again and she repeated it, so I got the money out and paid her, but I said to her it was seriously pricey.”

When Ms Wilson and her stepson left the tea shop, they stopped to take photos of the sign outside.

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The owner spotted the pair taking pictures and ran towards them, calling Ms Wilson a “b***h” and attempting to hit her with a plank of wood. As Ms Wilson and her stepson walked away, the woman chased them along the path throwing stones.

The woman also carried two wooden planks that she attempted to hit Wilson with. Wilson pleaded to the woman to let them go and simply brush the misunderstanding off, but the woman continued to chase them and shout obscenities at her.

The entire incident was caught on camera:


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