Netizen Attends Wake of Nadine Lustre’s Brother Who Committed Suicide

     2 months ago
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Recently, it was shared through independent media outlets that Isaiah Lustre, the teenage brother of Nadine Lustre, took his own life. At first, there were only a few details revealed but eventually, it was found out that indeed, the actress’ young brother has committed suicide.

In a previous report, Nadine Lustre shared a picture on her personal Instagram account that had a black background. It had the text “#KeepGoing” with a huge semi-colon.

The semi-colon was recognized as a symbol for suicide awareness. To quote our report:

“The report cited that the semi-colon is used as a symbol for suicide awareness that was popularized by Amy Bleue. She inked herself using that symbol to remind herself of her father who committed suicide.”

via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco
via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco
via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco
via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco

Isaiah Lustre was a 16-year-old high school student who was discovered dead in his own room. Based on the statement of his siblings Ezekiel and Naomi, they heard a gunshot from the teenager’s own room.

They discovered that the young man had shot himself. Ulysses Lustre, the father, refused to issue a statement since he believed that his son had committed suicide.

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Now, a netizen has confirmed the news. According to this netizen’s status on Facebook, Isaiah took his own life due to depression. 

via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco
via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco
via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco

An excerpt of her status reads:

“Walang alam si Nadz nung kasagsagan ng pangyayari. Si Tito Dong ang kumontak kay James. Then ayon sinabi ni James na “Something happen, we need to go home”. shock si Nadz kasi sa hospital yung way na pinuntahan nila. dead on arrival na si Ice eh. Si Tita My, nag breakdown. Si Nadz, sigaw ng sigaw habang umiiyak tapos nag collapse.” 

“Nakakalungkot isipin na wala na ang kapatid ni Nadine na si Isaiah lustre, isa ako sa masugid na taga subaysabay sa mga accounts niya dito sa social media. Di maalintana na may pinagdadaanang depresyon sa kanyang mukha sapagkat makikita mo sa kanya ang kasiyahang taglay. Walang bakas ng lungkot o depresyon.” 

She included pictures on her post, with one that showed a wake being held. It had the same hashtag that Nadine Lustre has shared on her Instagram as well – “#keepgoing.”

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via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco

This is her full status:

via facebook/steffhany.g.francisco

Depression is an unfortunate mental illness many struggle with. Although you might not see any visible signs, you can be sure that it’s there and those affected carry it with them everywhere. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you’re struggling.

Our thoughts, prayers and most sincerest condolences go out to Nadine Lustre and her family. May God lead your younger brother’s soul to rest.

What can you say about this terrible tragedy? If you suspect any friends or family members suffering from depression then don’t hesitate to be supportive of them. Let us know your thoughts about this issue in the comments section below. 


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