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The Manila Metro Rail Transit System – also known as the MRT-3 – is the main railway that traverses through EDSA, one of the main highways in Metro Manila. It is usually the most cramped train system in the metro compared to the Light Rail Transit 1 and 2 (LRT-1 and LRT-2).

The MRT-3 is always filled with passengers because it serves as the fastest route along EDSA. Apart from that, it stops by numerous shopping centers and business districts. To remedy this, efforts have been made by the MRT-3 authorities to maintain order in the cramped and crowded MRT-3.

One of them involves proper passenger queuing.

A certain netizen encountered a particular woman who blatantly broke the rules and lined up right in the middle of the entryway where a train door opens and passengers alight.

According to the netizen, he has never seen such blatant disregard for the rules. As of this writing, the netizen’s post has already reached 14,000 reactions, 5,635 shares and about 247 comments.

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The netizen claimed that such an act should not be tolerated. Some MRT-3 passengers do it for the sake of entering the train immediately, without as much as lining up properly and taking into consideration other passengers who queued. It also prevents passengers from alighting the train in an orderly manner.

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As evident in the viral photo, all of the passengers except for the woman were properly queued. The yellow box served as a marker for passengers who would alight the train. The two white arrows signify exit while the yellow arrows signify entry. However, the girl did the exact opposite and stood right in the middle of the yellow box.

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Here is an excerpt from the netizen’s lengthy post:

“This morning, another person did it again. Nakakairita na.” 

“How hard is it to fall in line? *”

“Palibhasa, our culture tolerates people being “madiskarte” even they do it by taking advantage of others.” 

He said that he specifically posted the picture on social media “to create awareness” and “not to shame someone,” particularly the rule-breaking woman.

Read his full post below.

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He also tweeted something similar.

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Read one of his replies to a fellow netizen.

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This is what other netizens had to say about the viral photo.

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What do you think about this? Do you regularly ride the MRT-3? Have you ever encountered such a rude passenger before? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 



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