Netizen Seeks Help for OFW Who Was Fed Burnt Rice and Only Allowed to Sleep on the Roof

     3 months ago
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She is also never allowed to use shampoo or soap when taking a bath.

Since education can be quite expensive in the Philippines, many people opt to work as soon as they graduate from high school. But because there are not so many job offers with that kind of educational background, many Filipinos end up doing housekeeping or taking care of children in the Philippines, and in other countries. Sadly, many OFW’s working as domestic helpers in other countries suffer abuse from bad employees—and most of their stories go untold.

Facebook user Angga Jonnyantara shared several videos about a certain OFW in Saudi Arabia named Alona Vicenta Lizada. According to Angga, Alona has been treated badly by her employers, and was only allowed to sleep on the roof. For months, she was exposed to the extreme daily heat, and extreme chill at night.

She was also fed burnt rice and nothing else, and wasn’t allowed to use shampoo and soap when taking a bath. Because of her poor living conditions and bad treatment from her employers, she asked for help from Angga, hoping that she would be allowed to go home to the Philippines with the help of others.


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