New ‘Acne Patches’ Can Cure and Remove Pesky Acne without Drying Your Skin

     2 months ago
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Finally! Something that really works against acne!

Pimples are the product of dirt and oil that got trapped in your pores. The dirt and oil are of course not good for the skin and if not removed right away, it can lead to acne and more damage on the skin. The oil seeps through and causes different inflammations in the skin.

What can we do to remove them? What can we do to prevent pimples from ever coming back? Beauty products cost so much, and many of them don’t even work. Many teens and adults suffer from extreme acne complications, and hope that one product would save them one day. And today, the wait is finally over.

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Introducing the K-beauty brand Cosrx’s Acne Pimple Master Patches! How do they work? These clear round patches are basically like mini versions of hydrocolloid dressings used in hospitals to prevent infections from entering a healing wound.

The patches literally absorb pus and oil, flattening them pesky pimples in no time. And since these patches are breathable, your skin won’t get dry!

All you do is pop one onto a fresh breakout after you’ve cleansed and dried your face. Then you can continue with your routine for the rest of your face as per usual.

The product has garnered hundreds of positive reviews from users who were very content with the product’s effectiveness. Tag someone who needs this!

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