Newborn Tragically Dies after Two Doctors Had a Verbal Spat for 30 Minutes While Operating

     3 months ago
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One doctor even threatened to beat up the other.

A verbal dispute between two doctors during an operation resulted to the demise of a newborn baby in India.

A pregnant mother had been rushed to the hospital after complications during labour to the Umaid hospital in Jodhur, Rajasthan, India. However, two doctors suddenly engaged in a heated argument whilst operating on the woman. The verbal spat was recorded by a concerned medic.

Speaking in Hindi, one of the men was heard saying ‘behave yourself, behave yourself’ while the other responded with insults.

Dr Neniwal then threatened to beat up Dr Tak and said ‘you stay within your limits.’

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As they fought for over 30 minutes, the baby tragically died during the Caesarian section from ‘severe birth asphyxia’.

The hospital’s principal AL Bhat said: ‘Both doctors have been removed immediately and disciplinary action will be taken against them.’

However, AL Bhat claims it still isn’t sure if the delay of operation due to the spat caused the child’s death. He also stressed that the baby was in a critical condition when the mother arrived and had a faint heartbeat.

Hospital superintendent Ranjana Desai added: ‘We do not yet know if the death of the newborn baby was caused by the argument.’

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Instead of reflecting on what they had done wrong, both doctors continued to argue off cam, with both of them blaming the other for the incident. Dr Tak claimed Dr Ashok had been arguing with everyone and even tried to hit him a retractor and had to be held back. But Dr Ashok rejected this and said the video didn’t tell the full story as it was shot by a member of Dr Tak’s anaesthesia team.


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