No Guest Arrived For This Grandfather’s Birthday Party – But He Wouldn’t Be Alone for Long!

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Nothing’s more disappointing than setting up a birthday party which no one will attend. Some of you dear readers might relate to this. Imagine you or your parents take time to set the tables, food, and decorations. Perhaps you’ll have prepared a few party games and bought some goody bags for your guests to take home. However, no one shows up at the venue – even if you’ve waited for hours.

It sounds like a really discouraging and depressing situation. Right?

This 61-year-old man had a birthday celebration prepared at a local restaurant: complete with party hats, some decorations, and a nice cake. Sadly, not a single guest arrived at his party.

It would have been a miserable and lonely birthday for the grandfather. Fortunately, something happened in this restaurant which brought joy to the 61-year-old and for netizens who read this viral story.


In a Facebook post by netizen Patty Rodriguez, she shared the story of this senior citizen who had turned 61 that day. According to the post, the man very excitedly set up a section of the restaurant for his guests. He waited for a very long time but no one showed up. His cellphone rang and he immediately checked it.

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None of his guests couldn’t make it to his party. It was written all over his face how disappointed he was.


Then the old man made an announcement to the other people in the restaurant.

This is what the man said, roughly translated from the original Spanish:

“Today is my birthday, I am 61 years old. I set the tables and I brought a cake because I wished to meet my family here to celebrate my birthday. I was waiting for my children, my grandchildren, and my wife. As you can see, nobody came.”

At this point, his voice started to crack because he became very emotional. The netizen admitted that she nearly cried because of this.

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He continued:

“So if anyone wants to sit with me and celebrate my birthday and sing me Las Mañanitas (a popular Mexican birthday song) then I will be forever grateful to them.”

The grandfather didn’t have to ask twice because everyone in the restaurant joined him in celebration of his special day!


The 61-year-old got his song, a bunch of hugs and well wishes from these kindhearted strangers.


Just look at that smile! That’s the kind of happiness which you can’t buy.


It just goes to show that even a small gesture of kindness can mean the world to anyone. Remember guys: always make time for family.

Happy Birthday, grandpa!

What can you say about that amazing heartwarming tale? Have you ever attended a stranger’s birthday just to celebrate his/her special day?
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