NYT’s article on Duterte: “Flawed and biased”

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New York Times’ (NYT) article on President Rodrigo Duterte entitled ‘Let the world condemn Duterte’ which urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to stop his war on drugs is already the second anti-Duterte themed article NYT published in just a month. 

“What right does the NYT have to call on the world to condemn Duterte, based on their flawed and biased reporting? Didn’t this American paper find ridiculous its editorial that cheered the International Criminal Court to convict Duterte for “mass murder”, since the US voted against the ICC’s establishment in 2002?” was prolific Manila Times writer Rigoberto Tiglao argument against NYT.

By using certain photos and erroneous figures, Tiglao asserts that all this hype created by NYT is just a ploy to sensationalize ouster plots against Duterte. Additionally, he pointed out that Yellow Cult rooted in the People Power in 1986 was empowered by US media.

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One of the flawed statistics Tiglao pointed out was the portion in the article about the number of people summarily executed:

“Mr. Sabio said in the 77-page filing, that more than 9,400 people have been killed, most of them poor young men, but also bystanders, children and political opponents.”

Arguably, Atty. Jude Sabio who filed a crimes against humanity complaint against Duterte in the ICC might have possible “fabricated” the number as Tiglao explained since Sabio could not explain how he got it, but the only figure he could have faked is up to 8,000.

“When it comes to the Philippines, has the NYT’s editors ordered out of the newsroom its much-vaunted fact checkers?” Tiglao questioned.

Tiglao explained that the 9,400 number NYT published was based on the 7,000 figure Rappler erroneously reported on, add to it the 1,000 more Sabio claimed, and the rest out of an assumption that “bystanders, children and political opponents” were also killed to be silenced.

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By using Sabio’s case to support the facts in their article, NYT failed to point out that he is merely a “mediocre lawyer” who “appears to be a minion of the nutty opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, probably using Liberal Party funds, who has been undertaking a plot to oust Duterte, so Vice President Leni Robredo of the Liberal Party would assume power,” as Tiglao said.

Tiglao suspects that a “Filipino female tycoon who lives in New York has managed to get the NYT to adopt her stridently anti-Duterte worldview” which explains their strongly biased article.

Source:Manila Times

NYT’s article on Duterte: “Flawed and biased”
NYT’s article on Duterte: "Flawed and biased"
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April 29, 2017

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