Old War Veteran Gets Fired from His Job as a ‘Greeter’ at Walmart after Just Two Hours of Working

     3 months ago
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I would’ve probably done the same thing!

It is a sad reality that many old people get left behind by their families. As their children grow up and make families of their own, they tend to be forgotten and cast aside. While some of them are left in nursing homes, some are forced to work for themselves in order to survive. Fortunately for this man, he was able to land a job as a ‘greeter’ at Walmart.

His job was simple, and it perfectly fit him as he didn’t need to anything heavy. All he had to do was greet every customer that entered the building, and he can keep his job. However, after just two hours of working, a woman came in with her two kids. He then said something to her that got him immediately fired!

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Here’s the hilarious way he lost his job (in his own words):

“So after landing my new job as a Walmart greeter, a good find for many retirees, I lasted less than a day…

About two hours into my first day on the job, a very loud, mean-looking woman walked into the store with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance.

I said pleasantly, ‘Good morning and welcome to Walmart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?’

Of course, her children were years apart, and while they shared common features, they certainly didn’t look like each other.

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The woman stopped yelling long enough to say, ‘Hell no, they ain’t twins. The oldest one’s nine, and the other one’s seven. Why the hell would you think they’re twins? Are you blind or stupid?’

So I replied, ‘I’m neither blind nor stupid, Ma’am. I just can’t believe someone slept with you twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Walmart.’

My supervisor said I probably wasn’t cut out for this line of work.”


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