On-Duty Traffic Enforcer Receives Surprise from Husband and Kids During Mooncake Festival

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The Mooncake Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated during the 15th day of the eighth month, according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. It’s considered the second biggest festivity in China, following  Chinese New Year. For the Chinese people, the Mooncake Festival is about reuniting with family and spending quality time together. However, this female traffic enforcer had no choice but to leave her family behind as she was called on duty.

On the day of the occasion, Wong had to tend to her job. She was then feeling the guilt as she previously promised that she would celebrate the Mooncake Festival with them by having a family outing. Little did she know that a surprise was waiting for her.

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While on-duty, Wong suddenly saw her husband and their two kids coming to her workplace. He was carrying their one-year-old baby while their other child was holding a box of Mooncake. Her husband and the toddler stood at the corner of the street as they watched Wong do her job.

When her break came, they all sat down together and ate the Mooncake altogether. The toddler then handed her a bottle of water to quench her thirst. Though their time was only short because Wong had to go back to her duty, but it was indeed a priceless moment of showing love and care for your family and loved ones.

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The same situation also happens to cops and traffic police officers and other essential government agencies who cannot leave their work. Let us all be grateful to these people for their sacrifices to keep a country safe and secure in the time of festivities.


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