Online Lovers in a Long Distance Relationship Finally Meet for the First Time in an Emotional Video

     2 months ago
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Love definitely has no boundaries!

In today’s generation, LDR’s are very common because numerous people meet through the internet. Online games, chatrooms, and Facebook are easy spots for people on the look for love. It may be easy at first, as we get used to calls, texts and the usual chat on the net.

Gerome and Kamil met on the internet, and soon started an online relationship. For months, they tried to maintain a healthy relationship without even meeting yet. But at the end of the day, couples long for the physical affection their partners cannot provide at the moment. Texts and calls are simply not enough.

That was when Gerome, who has been working in Qatar, decided to surprise his girlfriend Kamil, who was in the Philippines. With the help of Kamil’s family, Gerome was able to do through with his plan. Kamil’s mom asked her to go with her to the airport to meet her friend. But after an hour passed, and the ‘friend’ was a no-show, Kamil’s expression turned sour.

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She stood up and was about to storm away, when a man suddenly walked alongside her. As she turned her head to look at him, her sour face suddenly turned bright. She immediately recognized her boyfriend—and he was in the flesh!


They didn’t waste a single second and stayed together for the whole month Gerome was allowed to stay in the Philippines. Sadly, Gerome has to go back to Qatar, and leave Kamil once again. However, they claim to love each other more as they time passes by.

Long distance relationships (LDR) are probably the hardest to handle. As much as you want to be with your partner, a lot of hindrances come along. Sometimes, your partner may be working abroad and is not able to come home for quite a while, or maybe there is not enough money to do so. Anything can happen in the meantime—and couples cannot just meet each other when a problem arises. But Kamil and Gerome are living proof that love definitely has no boundaries if you just keep the faith!

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