People Are Freaking Out at This Mysterious Phenomenon ‘Fireball’ Sighted Over Luzon

     2 months ago
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On the night of October 8, Sunday, Luzon‘s night sky was illuminated by a mysterious astronomical phenomenon . Many people claimed they witnessed a ‘fireball‘ lighting up the sky for a few minutes. This mystifying observation was widely reported throughout the Luzon region only.

News quickly spread about this strange and straight-out-of-a-movie sighting in the sky. Soon enough, people on social media were clamoring to find out the explanation behind this strange occurrence.

According to a Facebook post by the Philippine Astronomical Society, Inc., many people said that they witnessed the fireball’s arrival sometime during 7 in the evening.

“It is most likely a very bright meteor or “shooting star” that we call a fireball. Last night’s reported fireball was probably big but not big enough to survive the fall and hit someone’s car.”


PAS claimed that sighting could also be an ‘Iridium Flare, caused by reflection on an Iridium satellite.’ They advised the public to send more photos and description to confirm the nature of the sighting.

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Despite this, many netizens can’t help but admire the fireball. Check out some of their insights below.


Meanwhile, experts say that a fireball is not really considered as a rare phenomenon. As a matter of fact, a fireball happens frequently, but the reason why they are rarely seen is they tend to coincide with the day. During daytime, the sky is brightly lit so there is little to no chance at all to spot a fireball.

This is supported by a report published in, which discussed fireballs.

“Several thousand meteors of fireball magnitude occur in the Earth’s atmosphere each day. The vast majority of these, however, occur over the oceans and uninhabited regions, and a good many are masked by daylight.

Those that occur at night also stand little chance of being detected due to the relatively low numbers of persons out to notice them.”

On the other hand, this isn’t the first time a fireball was spotted over the skies of Metro Manila. Back in September 2015, another sighting was reported in Quezon City. A resident from Barangay Pasong Tamo shared an interesting video that shows the exact moment a fireball appeared in the sky.

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The whole incident was caught on his car’s dash camera.

“I was about to reach my house last night when I saw a meteor that seemed to explode in mid-air and illuminated the sky. I paused before going to my garage because I was not sure of what I saw.” 

Check out the entire footage below.

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