Pet Owner Devastated after Her Precious Dog was Run Over and Killed by a Cruel Motorist

     3 months ago
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They stopped the motorist to get the dog, but the motorist continued to run over the dog.

Every pet is precious to their owner. Dogs have been very useful in the past years as they are used to track criminals and guard the house—with some canines even known in the internet to have saved a life or two. But how do humans respond to these animals’ good deeds?

Sadly, we’ve seen people hurting, killing, and even consuming these precious animals. They are sometimes left in the streets to starve and die, while some suffer from abuse inside homes. But for many animal lovers and owners, the worst thing that could happen to their precious best friends is to be killed by cruel humans who have no regard for animal life.

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A netizen was devastated after her pet was killed by a cruel motorist. According to JRose Reyes’ Facebook post, their dog was about to get run over by a motorist, prompting them to signal the motorist to slow down so that they could pick the dog up before anything could happen.

However, the motorist continued to accelerate, running over the dog and eventually killing her.

Their dog Psalma died on the spot. They confronted the motorist, but he didn’t show any signs of remorse. As a matter of fact, Reyes claims that he was even the one who was angry about the situation.

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Given how Psalma was precious to their family, Reyes intends to hold the man accountable, even if it means filing a lawsuit.


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