Philippine Daily Inquirer Columnist Claims That Duterte Is Full of Bullsh*t Talks

     3 months ago

Time and time again, President Rodrigo Duterte has been claiming outrageous remarks and seemingly “bullsh*t” talks. As such, his credibility has been suffering and slowly deteriorating. The media is among those who continuously scratch their heads with Duterte’s words. Such is the case of Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Boying Pimentel.

According to his piece dated September 17, 2017, Pimentel said Duterte was a president who is usually fond of “talks of bullsh*t” or “bullsh*t talks.” The Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist cited that Duterte is afraid of Chito Gascon, the chairman of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

He backtracked on the president’s controversial words aimed at Gascon, which was the following:

“You are so fixated with the death of young males, kaya nagdududa ako na pedophile kang g*go ka.” 

On September 16, 2017, Duterte accused Gascon of being a so-called pedophile. In a report by GMA News Online, he said that Gascon may be obsessed about young males since the latter was supposedly fond of investigating extra-judicial killings that involved male teenagers. Given that Gascon is the chairman of the CHR, it is rightful that he investigates such cases.

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The Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist added that with Duterte’s words against the Gascon, it could be concluded that the president likes to talk “bullsh*t” or have “bullsh*t talks.” This is in reference to Duterte’s words against the CHR chair whom he accused of being a supposed pedophile.

In the columnist’s exact words:

“Paano seseryosohin ang presidenteng mahilig sa usapang gago. Si Duterte mismo ang nagsabi na mahilig siya sa ‘usapang gago.’” 

“Tandaan ninyo ang paliwanag niya sa pagbibiro na sana kasama siya sa nang-r*pe sa isang babaeng hostage noong nag-riot ang mga preso sa Davao noong 1989.” 

He reiterated that similar words could be thrown at the president. Pimentel said:

“Aba eh kung usapang gago lang, pwede siyang resbakan: ‘Why are you so concerned about drugs, Mr. President, are you an addict?’”

The Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist claimed that Duterte may be afraid of Gascon, hence the bitter words. According to him, the president was threatened by the CHR chair because he protects people’s rights – something which the current administration does not appear to respect at all.

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The columnist emphasized:

“Anong klaseng tanong iyan mula sa isang pangulo ng bansa?”

“Tanong iyan ng isang taong napupuno na nang takot. Tanong nang isang wala nang maisagot pag kaharap ang katotohanan. Tanong ng isang hindi sanay makipag usap nang matino pag nagpapakita ng katapangan ang kausap.”

“Nasanay kasi si Digong sa mga hindi umaangal sa pambabastos niya, sa mga hindi pumapalag sa pambubutangero niya.” 

To read the rest of his piece, click here.

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