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It’s hard to be a physically challenged person. In usual cases, they are dependent on something (or someone) to help them move around. They are often called handicapped or disabled but the politically correct term for them physically challenged. People usually become physically challenged when they sustain injuries that have permanently affected their bodies and the way they move.

One such individual was shot through his lower abdomen, which rendered him unable to function with ease. This was the case of Specialist Christopher Garrett, a who is a former combat engineer in the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division. According to NTD Television, Garrett was shot in a one-night mission in Afganistan.

via Newsner
via Newsner

His wife, Brittany, recounted in an interview with The Independent Journal Review:

“He was shot through the lower abdomen, and the bullet exited his right butt cheek. He took the bullet while on a night mission in Afghanistan.” 

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The source cited that when Garrett was treated after being shot, he was rendered by doctors as “100% disabled.” He was also granted medical retirement after his mission in Afganistan.

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Brittany said that despite Garrett being physically disabled, he still managed to mow their own lawn once or twice a week with a push mover. The chore was tedious to him but he soldiered on and diligently did it with perseverance.

via Newsner
via Newsner

One day, a kindhearted fellow gave him a brand new lawnmower that can be ridden by Garrett. This would make his job in lawnmowing easier since he doesn’t need to walk around for a long amount of time. Brittany was so grateful to the individual that she posted her gratitude on her Facebook account.

via Conservative Country
via Conservative Country

The page of “Frank Somerville KTVU” shared her story, where it has currently gained 7,000 likes and reactions, 531 shares on other netizens’ respective timelines, and around 189 comments.

The following is an excerpt from the status:

That’s Brittany Lynn Garrett talking about an anonymous gift that was just given to her husband.

He’s 100% combat disabled.
So someone sent him a brand new riding lawnmower.
Along with a note that said:

“I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life.
Thank you for your service and for my freedom.”

A grateful American

Many netizens countered why Brittany would let her husband do the mowing if he was physically disabled in the first place. Garrett responded the following:

“I am absolutely a stubborn proud man, that has worked hard for what I have, and protecting and serving is what I am about.”

“So my wife not mowing the lawn is her letting me to prove to myself that I can still perform the duties I feel a husband should be doing for his family.”

Unfortunately, neither Brittany nor Garrett know the identity of the kindhearted individual up to this day.

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Read the full story below:

via facebook/FrankSomervilleKTVU

Meanwhile, here are the netizens’ comments about the incident:

via YouTube/Newzmagazine
via YouTube/Newzmagazine
via YouTube/Newzmagazine
via YouTube/Newzmagazine
via Conservative Country

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