Picture of Medical Staff Carrying Newborn Baby Raises Controversy

     3 months ago
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Netizens were enraged when they saw a picture of a medical staff carrying a newborn baby in her arms that had a controversial background. It appeared innocent and unassuming at first but the background gained their attention, so much so that the picture has gone viral.

What’s it about? According to The Sun, an uniformed medical staff took a picture of a newborn baby. Unfortunately, the one who took the picture failed to notice that a woman’s naked legs were captured on the lens. It was presumed that she was the mother who gave birth.

The source said that the picture was originally uploaded to the website of Reddit. A Facebook page, “Bubs Warehouse International,” shared the picture, which has currently gained 7,400 likes and reactions, 4,100 comments, and 917 shares as of this writing.

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Below is the cropped version:

via The Sun

According to the report, it was originally captioned with the following words:

“Some people are in such a hurry to put the picture of baby on Facebook. They just forget some things before posting.” 

They gathered some netizens who commented on the picture and quoted them respectively. Amanda Wickins wrote:

“Hahahahahaha this happened to me with my son. My mum did the picture of my son on the weighing table thingy all focused on him not realising and put it on Facebook without realising. Yep I was in the photo.” 

The same thing happened to Ariana Brooks, who wrote:

“This actually was my mum she got camera happy in the delivery room beautiful newborn baby and completely forgetting my (va)gina was out. Thankfully it didn’t make fb (Facebook) it did get printed at the photographers though.” 

Trez Webber noticed something about the picture and commented:

“Why is no one there supporting the mother? And her Bub taken so far away from her. No wonder the kid is screaming. Still a funny thought of it going up on SM (social media) though.” 

Meanwhile, below is the full, uncropped version of the medical staff with the newborn baby:

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via The Sun

Here are more comments from the netizens about the picture:

via facebook/bubswarehouse
via facebook/bubswarehouse
via facebook/bubswarehouse
via facebook/bubswarehouse
via facebook/bubswarehouse
via facebook/bubswarehouse
via facebook/bubswarehouse
via facebook/bubswarehouse

What do you think about this picture? Please remember to take great caution whenever you’re about to take pictures! Share your thoughts about this in the comments section below! 

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