Watch! Pinay beats up husband’s mistress in Taguig mall

     12 months ago
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Warning: The following video contains images and language not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

A video of an angry Filipina wife chasing after and attacking her husband’s alleged mistress has gone viral.

The video clip starts with the scorned wife catching the mistress in the arms of a man with a red backpack while in Market! Market! Mall in Bonifacio Global City. Presumably, the man with the red backpack is the wife’s husband.

The mistress tried to escape via the escalator but the angry wife was in hot pursuit. The wife was shouting curse words at her rival while quickly jogging quickly towards her. Soon the two women confronted each other and a fight immediately broke out between the two ladies.

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The wife began shouting obscenities as she started yanking the mistress’ hair. She even snapped at the man with the red backpack when he tried to intervene.

After a while, mall security managed to break up the fight between the two women.

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