Pinay Transgender Sparks Outrage after Dancing Lewdly to Philippine the National Anthem

     3 months ago
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She held her crotch while singing, instead of putting her hand over her ‘heart’.

In the Philippines (or any country for that matter), it is important to remember that the flag and the anthem are symbols of national ideals and traditions and express the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity, and so reverence and respect are required by law.

Everybody is required to stand at attention and face the Philippine flag, and if there is none, they shall face the band or the conductor. Everyone must also salute with their right palms over their left chests during the entire anthem. However, this Pinay transgender’s actions spark outrage after she danced lewdly to the Philippine national anthem.

Pinay transgender Maria Sofia Love became famous after her self-styled videos went viral. “Para sa ekonomiya!” “Pak!” and “Tuloy and Modeling”, are just a few of her famous lines on her videos. Though most of them do not make sense to the public, many Filipinos enjoy her own way of entertaining people. However, her latest video sparked outrage among netizens.

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Sofia Love’s friend also defended her from criticisms, explaining that the model didn’t intentionally wanted to disrespect the Filipino Anthem. Clad in a red one-piece bikini, the transgender can be seen dancing lewdly to the national anthem, with her hand over her crotch.


In her poor taste of trying to entertain the Filipino masses, Maria Sofia Love received negative criticisms instead. while Maria Sofia Love stayed silent in regards to the controversy, her friend Andie Montilla decided to speak up for her in an official statement:

“Lately I’ve been receiving numerous messages pertaining to the recent controversy involving our dearest friend and my mom Maria Sofia Sanchez, I believe it hoppened unintentionally, if you only knew how kind, sweet, affectionate and patriotic she is especially to our country, The Philippines, what happened last night was merely to bring pure entertainment without realizing the implications of her action, she has brought positive vibes to all our fellow countrymen all over the world since she became Maria Sofia Love so let’s not quickly judge her and condemn her for this wrong doing, and if in any reason she has crossed the boundaries, in behalf of all her concerned friends, we would like to extend our apology to everyone offended by it…let’s spread love not hate!”

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However, many netizens wanted Maria to issue a public apology, and suffer the consequences for her wrongdoings. House Bill 5224 warns the anthem shall not be played and sung preceding events of mere recreation, amusement or entertainment purposes, except on the following occasions:

  • international competitions where the Philippines is the host or has a representative
  • national or local sports competitions
  • during the “signing off” and “signing on” of radio and television broadcasting stations
  • before the initial and last screening of films and before the opening of theater performances
  • other occasions as may be allowed by the NHCP.

HB 5224 will impose penalties should the provisions not be followed, among them a fine of not less than P50,000 but not exceeding P100,000.


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