Pinay Woman Suffers Severe Injuries after Violating Traffic and Road Rules in Hong Kong

     2 months ago
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Other Filipino people living in the area claim that people shouldn’t cross that area.

In the Philippines, traffic signs saying “No Jaywalking” can be seen everywhere. Apparently, many Filipinos love to take shortcuts, even if it is against the law. Unfortunately, some Filipinos bring this kind of mentality to other countries, endangering their own lives and the lives of others.

A Filipina woman met an accident while trying to cross a road in Hong Kong. She was crossed where there was no pedestrian lane, and was suddenly hit by a white car. Facebook user Shayne Padul Cruz shared photos of the accident on Facebook, in hopes to warn other Filipinos living the area to be careful and to always bring their HK identification card with them.

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Cruz said on her social media post: “Hk id must be with u anywhere u go in HK, esp.if you alone and something happened, your HK id helps u a lot to verify your status and contacts.”

Fortunately, HK rescuers were lighting fast, and the woman was immediately brought to the hospital and treated immediately.

Once the photos and post went viral, netizens were quick to give their comments. Some of them knew that the road that area is very dangerous for pedestrians especially because there is no pedestrian lane. Apparently, she crossed while the traffic light for people crossing was still red.

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Accident,a filipina woman,near st.joseph cathedral church, keep safe mga kabayan,always follow traffic rules….Hk id…

Posted by Shayne Padul Cruz on Saturday, October 7, 2017

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