Pinoy Surfer and Dutch Girlfriend’s Love Story Goes Viral and Was Even Featured in a TV Show

     2 months ago
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One look and you know how deep their love for each other is.

An ‘unlikely’ couple made headlines a few days back after their photos went viral on social media. It all started when a netizen noticed a dark-skinned Filipino man together with a Caucasian woman in an eatery in the Philippines. The couple seemed to be in a relationship, which raised many eyebrows, claiming they were an ‘unlikely’ couple.

In our society today, many people interpret having fair skin as being beautiful, and having dark skin as ugly. With this at hand, the man was bullied online, with bashers saying they don’t look good together.

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But all of that changed when photos of the man, named Roger Casugay, went viral. netizens soon learned that Roger was a surfing instructor from La Union, and he has a killer body!

Packed with abs and ripped muscles from years of surfing has caught the attention of many netizens taking back what they said earlier. It is a sad fact that some Filipinos in multicultural relationships go under the scrutiny of the public.

His girlfriend, Lisa Verweij, a Dutch national, first noticed Roger’s rather ‘ugly’ haircut when she first saw him. But she immediately felt a connection between them—though she was in denial at first. Little did she know, Roger felt the same way towards her.

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Roger looked for her everywhere a few days later after missing the chance to teach her surfing. He was almost brokenhearted as he thought that she might have already gone home or to Manila. He was then happy after discovering Lisa drinking coffee with a friend.

Roger gathered all his courage and approached them. That was the beginning of a relationship that will soon be the envy of others. Watch their story here:


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