Plastic Surgeon ‘Remodels’ Wife to Look Perfect and Serve as an In-house Model for His Work

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He loves to remodel his cars—and his wife.

Trophy wives: We’ve all seen them. Whether they’re at business conventions, movie premieres, or social events, the stunning female with model looks draped seductively over the arm of a far inferior looking male specimen is something we can’t take our eyes off.

A Miami-based surgeon made himself a ‘trophy wife’ by redesigning her. 47-year-old Phillip Craft is a skilled plastic surgeon based in Miami.

To showcase his work, he asked his 43-year-old wife Anna to be his model. That meant he was about to alter some of her body parts, and Anna wasn’t ready at first. But after giving birth to two boys, Anna finally gave in.


Over the course of their 21-year-marriage, Anna has had a boob job, liposuction, butt ‘enhancements’, body-contouring surgery, waist and abdominal sculpting, Botox, cheek and lip fillers.

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Phillip says: ‘I did some liposuction on Anna’s waist, and contoured her waistline to make it much deeper. Now when Anna wears her small bikinis, everyone stops to look at her curves.

‘I’ve made her buttocks even better, too. After pregnancy, Mother Nature made everything go south so I plumped her buttocks. Most importantly I gave Anna her mojo back.’

Anna, from Miami, USA, says: ‘Phillip loves redesigning his sports cars, our furniture and, most of all, me. After having two kids, I decided to let him fine-tune me.

‘He’s enhanced my breast, sculpted my waist and injected fillers in my face. Phillip even sculpted my abdomen to look like a proper six-pack instead of just a one-pack!’

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Phillip, 47, adds: ‘I always say to patients, ‘If you want to know how good a surgeon I am, then look at my wife.’ Anna’s as close to perfection as possible.

‘After my surgical tweaks to her body, I think she’s even more beautiful now than when I met her, aged 22.’

Phillip first laid eyes on Anna in the gift shop of the hospital he was studying at in 1995 – and it was love at first sight.

He says: ‘Anna had bent over to pick up a card she’d just dropped. I saw her beautiful legs and, from that moment, I knew I’d be hooked for life.’

Phillip also encourages Anna to follow a healthy diet so she can maintain her plastic surgery honed body.


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