Plastic Surgery Tourists Stopped at Airport Because Their Faces Don’t Match Passport ID

     2 months ago

Plastic surgery is a big thing nowadays. With the right doctors and sufficient money, any person has the power to completely alter the way they look. This idea is not new in most Asian countries, especially in South Korea which is known for its doctors who specialize in cosmetic surgery.

South Korea is has become go-to place for plastic surgery tourism. As a matter of fact, cosmetic surgery clinics in South Korea are as common as coffee shops in other countries. Because of the accessibility and affordable price, people from all over the world travel to South Korea for their surgery.

The most common form of plastic surgery is a nose job and double lid surgery. However, some people are simply not satisfied with one or two surgeries. There are some who completely alters their face, to the point that you can no longer recognize them.

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Aside from burning a hole in your pockets, one of the downsides of plastic surgery is the inconvenience you’ll experience because people can no longer identify you. Sounds far-fetched? For three women in China, this embarrassing case happened after they were stopped at the airport.

The reason? Their faces no longer match their passport IDs.

According to a report published in Mirror, three unidentified Chinese women were stopped by the South Korean immigration officers after their faces did not match their passport photos. Apparently, the three women came from China to celebrate the Golden Week holiday.


The three passenger’s faces were extremely swollen and bandaged after recently undergoing plastic surgery. Despite showing legal documents to prove their identity, the immigration officers detained the women temporarily while verifying their identities at the passport control.

Usually, patients who underwent plastic surgery were given certificates to prove that they really had an operation. According to a report from Oddity Central, certificates are used by clients who fly abroad frequently to verify their identity with the immigration officers. The certificate contains ‘patient’s passport number, the duration of stay, the name and location of the hospital and the hospital’s official seal’.

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On the other hand, the trio’s viral photo in Weibo spread like wildfire online. As per Mirror, the photo already garnered more than 51k likes and was shared 23k times. This controversial photo garnered mixed reactions online.

Meanwhile, it was not yet confirmed whether or not the three passengers have already passed the airport security.


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