Prolific writer says more citizens, businesspeople seeking abolition of Congress

     3 months ago
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The public climate has shifted and prolific writer Jose Alejandrino discloses that he has been personally “flooded” with messages and exclamations supporting the abolition of Congress.

With the Bureau of Customs (BOC) scandal and the ongoing Marawi operations, businesspeople have become hesitant in investing on the Philippines due to the impression that its messy politics might be unhealthy for entrepreneurial ventures.

Alejandrino cited an unnamed entrepreneur who laments about the taxes imposed on him, not merely by the government’s mandate, but by the “Customs Mafia”. After issuing all the payments, the businessman admits reaping only a small profit.

Hotel clients for the anonymous businessman has become fewer because of the negative press releases lately. While he is willing to testify to the anomalies of BOC, he fears for his safety. This is why he supports the granting of revolutionary powers to President Rodrigo Duterte.

This is also the same sentiment other citizens have relayed to Alejandrino. They believe that by granting Duterte revolutionary powers, he would be given full leverage over ‘cleaning up” the entire country.

Instead of listening to Senate hearings circling on same old issues, citizens seek the abolition of Congress to implement genuine change in the Philippines.

In Alejandrino’s full post on netizen Abe Purugganan’s Facebook, he said,


by Jose Alejandrino

Today, it’s 10 pm now, I was flooded by messages and calls supporting the grant of extraordinary powers to the president after my postings on the 12 proclamations I had suggested on my timeline.

I looked up to Heaven to thank God for not abandoning the David the Lord sent us. I’m now convinced we will have a huge revolution for change.

One big business taipan even called me. I won’t mention his name because of the things he told me. He said he imports 31 containers of goods every month through Customs. In addition to the two percent he pays on taxes, the Customs Mafia require him to pay another three percent on the value of the imported goods which they share every Friday between them. He said the brokers and forwarders are all in the deal. After paying everybody, his profits are very small since he supplies SM. If he doesn’t pay, he says, his containers are not released because they are perishable goods.

He also has hotels but his clients are getting fewer and fewer because from what they read in the local press scare them. Foreigners have the impression the Philippines is becoming messy politically. He said he is willing to testify but is afraid of being killed by the syndicates. He has beefed up his personal security. This is why he fully supports the president being given revolutionary powers. When I asked him how the other businessmen feel about it, he said he doesn’t know but as a businessman himself his guess is that anybody who can clean up the mess and provide law and order will be supported. Businessmen, he said, are just interested in a healthy business environment where they have clients and can make money.

He asked me about terrorism which his foreign clients are concerned about. They have been following events in Marawi and pronouncements abroad about ISIS shifting its operations to the Philippines. I told him I had proposed a stiff anti-terrorist law and that the president seems to welcome it. I also said I have other proposals which I plan to submit to him regarding the creation of a special team. I told him I could not give the details because these are confidential.

Many people are working to give rev powers to the president judging from messages in the social media. There appears to be wide support for the president to have them and finish the job of cleaning up the government.

The people appear to be completely tired of useless Senate hearings which accomplish nothing at taxpayers expense and which only serve as a platform for politicians to grandstand. This is why more and more netizens want to abolish Congress.”

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Source: Facebook / Abe Purugganan

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