Raffy Tulfo on Maria Sofia Love’s Cover of Lupang Hinirang

     2 months ago
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Maria Sofia Love is an Internet star that went viral for her taglines such as “Modelling para sa ekonomiya” and “Ituloy ang modelling! Pak!” Because of this a lot of people became fans of the transsexual model. But a new video she released gave fans and a whole lot of Filipinos something to be upset about.

In a red swimsuit, Maria Sofia videoed herself dancing lewdly to the national anthem. The camera was focused more on her privates than her face. While the song was playing, she was seen mocking the sacred anthem while gesturing towards her crotch, touching it instead of her heart.

Most viewers believe that Maria Sofia Love was disrespecting the national anthem and a lot of people are wanting her to suffer serious consequences. Raffy Tulfo for News 5 explains to the viewing public what actions can be taken against the serious offence.

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Raffy had Teddy Atienza of the National Historic Commission on the phone. Mr Teddy Atienza said that they have already consulted with lawyers and affected bodies. They said that they can file a case against the Internet star. Raffy says that a Persona Non Grata may be filed against her because she isn’t living here in the Philippines.

They could ban her from entering the country or put here on a blacklist. Atienza says that that is what they’re planning with the DFA and the Consul General of Los Angeles. If her citizenship is Filipino, they can cancel Maria Sofia’s passport but if she has a dual citizenship, then they can ban her from entering the country.

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Teddy Atienza gave a message to everyone regarding these kinds of actions. The national anthem was created by heroes out of their love for the Philippines. It is not just a song that we sing out of familiarity. So everyone should have respect for it.

What can you say about Maria Sofia’s video? Do you think she is mentally ill for her to post something like that or is she really just careless? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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