Real-life, Never-seen Photos North Korea wants to delete from the Internet

     3 months ago
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This is the true face of North Korea.

North Korea is a large country with more than 25 million people who depend on their ‘supreme leader’, Kim Jong Un.  Little is known about the said country, as the previous leaders refused media to film documentaries, let alone take pictures. Only a few pictures of North Korea have been revealed in the recent decade, and most of us do not exactly know what happens in the country.

However, compared to his ancestors, Kim Jong Un is more liberal, allowing media to take pictures and documentaries of North Korea—though controlled and limited. It is no secret that there a lot of ordinary things which are illegal in North Korea. Its people cannot exercise freedom as the government controls them through ridiculous laws.

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Check this video out and take a look at the real face of North Korea:


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