#RelationshipGoals: Chinese Man Goes Viral After Trading Shoes With GF’s High Heels Because Her Feet Were Sore

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A Chinese man from Chongqing Province in China became an online sensation after his touching gesture to his girlfriend was caught on cam. In a series of photos shared online by a woman named Xie, she showed how the man swapped with his girlfriend’s high heels to ease the soreness of her feet.

Many women online couldn’t help but feel jealous of this boyfriend who willingly traded his shoes for his girlfriend’s high heels. As the sensational photo below portrays, the Chinese man was wearing his girlfriend’s pink high heels while she was wearing his sandals.

According to a report published in Nextshark, the photos were taken on the fifth floor of Xinqiao Hospital in Shapingba District. The couple arrived but the woman seemed to be suffering from discomfort of wearing heels.

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We know how wearing high heels all day can take a toll on a woman’s feet. High heels make your legs look nice but at a painful cost. Wearing high heels for a prolonged period of time can cause pain and swell in the feet. Instead of letting his girlfriend suffer from this, the man thought of a clever solution.

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Because they have no other means of easing the pain, the man voluntarily gave his sneakers to his girlfriend so she could ease her swollen feet. It doesn’t even matter to him that they were in a public area, as long as his girlfriend is comfortable.

While waiting in the hospital, the boyfriend was even seen caressing his girlfriend’s head as a comforting gesture. Judging from the photos, the high heels are at least 3 inches high, but the man had no trouble in walking around with them!

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via World of Buzz
via World of Buzz

This simple act of chivalry touched the hearts of people on social media. People praised the Chinese man for his sweet and inspiring gesture. Many women also jokingly wished that the man was their boyfriend instead.

After all, how many men will be willing to wear high heels for their girlfriend?

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