Renato Reyes issues statement vs. bashers: ‘Salamat sa pagpansin o sobrang pagbibigay-pansin’

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<br /> Renato Reyes issues statement vs. bashers: ‘Salamat sa pagpansin o sobrang pagbibigay-pansin’ – NewsInfoLearn<br />

Consistent activist and was even tagged as someone who rallies for a living, Renato Reyes Jr. speaks up amidst the barrage of bashes and insults directed at him.

In an ironic turn of events, Reyes ended up thanking his bashers for giving him some spotlight instead of the pressing national issues in the Philippines.

Reyes explained that it was a tactic to direct attention to a single person so that potentially bigger news can be swept under the rug as though the current state of things is favorable and that those who threaten to subvert the current state are the ones who must be attacked.

The activist cited issues such as contractualization, higher taxes, free land, free tuition, and other social issues as problems that President Rodrigo Duterte needs to address to keep his election vows.

Reyes also urged the public to dismiss the trolls and focus on the ills of the nation. He thanked the bashers for the fame they accorded him, but emphasized that it is not the priority.

In his full post on Facebook, Reyes said,

On the recent personal attacks by trolls and bashers

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Trolls try to make it all about one person, in order to hijack the discussion away from the more pressing issues. The bashing itself is not the problem. It’s the intent to distract from the real concerns such as poverty, contractual labor, landlessness, human rights violations and lack of sovereignty, that’s really disturbing. The personal bashing is just a way to denigrate or downplay the relevance of the movement as a whole, a way to remove the legitimacy of the struggle. They make it appear that nothing is really wrong with the system and all mass actions have no basis. For trolls, it’s way easier to attack a person in this era of social media than to actually enagage in serious discussions on issues. They desperately try to paint activists and revolutionaries as worse than the ruling class oppressors, corrupt bureacrats and foreign exploiters. I guess we can expect these personal attacks to escalate as the SONA approaches. However, we have a valid reason to go out and protest against contractualization, higher taxes on goods, for free tuition for state colleges, for free land distribution for poor peasants, for free irrigation and for national sovereignty. Attacking activists won’t resolve these issues.

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We have a simple message for SONA: the crisis is worsening and the President must make true his promise of change as demanded by the people.

Now, we cannot allow the trolls to steer the discussion away from these pressing people’s issues, and make it all about one person. I mean, salamat sa pagpansin o sobrang pagbibigay-pansin, pero ito talaga ang priority namin.

May problema ang sistema at nais natin itong mabago. At hindi ito malulutas o magaganap sa simpleng pagpapalit o pag-asa sa isang pangulo. Wala rin sa iisang tao ang solusyon. Matagal ang magiging proseso para mabago ang bulok na sistema. At sa ating paglaban, may mga nababago at naipagtatagumpay din tayo. Madami na. Laban sa diktadura. Para sa reporma sa lupa. Mas mababang singil sa kuryente at tubig. Mas maayos na serbisyo. Pabahay para sa mga maralita. Laban sa kurapsyon. Naipanalo. Hindi ng isang tao o personahe. Kundi ng sama-samang pagkilos, ng marami.

See you sa SONA. ?

Source: Renato Reyes Jr.

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Renato Reyes issues statement vs. bashers: ‘Salamat sa pagpansin o sobrang pagbibigay-pansin’
Renato Reyes issues statement vs. bashers: 'Salamat sa pagpansin o sobrang pagbibigay-pansin'
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July 12, 2017

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