Rude PUV Passenger Caught on Cam Physically and Verbally Abusing Fellow Female Passenger

     3 months ago
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The woman allegedly fought with other passengers as well.

In the Philippines, commuting is the cheapest way to get to work and school if you don’t have your own car. Commuting is cheaper, but it comes with several disadvantages. Filipinos travel for hours on buses and PUJs (Public Utility Jeepneys) with dozens of strangers, and misunderstandings arise from time to time.

Passengers have to deal with a couple of unfortunate experiences while commuting, and one of the worst experiences would be to encounter a rude or inconsiderate passenger. Facebook user Rennuia Petallano Tan was unfortunate enough to encounter a rude passenger, who verbally abused her after repeatedly hitting her ‘breast area’ with her elbow.

According to Tan, the woman was the last to get into the jeep. She then tried to squeeze herself in by sitting on Tan’s legs, but Tan simply brushed it off. However, the woman then began elbowing the side of her body every time the jeepney stops or slows down. She began elbowing Tan more aggressively later on that her Tan’s breast got repeatedly hit. Tan calmly told the woman that she hit her, but the woman began verbally abusing Tan—and the other passengers as well! Watch the viral video below:

A netizen who claimed to be the woman’s relative says the woman hasn’t been sleeping for days and has been sent away from home for drug abuse.


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