Show Hidden Files On Flash Drive Using Command Prompt

     2 years ago
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Let us assume the drive containing the hidden files is your F: drive because this often happens on a flash drive. When you plug your flash drive into the USB port of your computer, it is mounted as the first open drive. Typically your hard drive is C: and your CD/DVD drive is D:. So often the USB will be mounted as E: or in my case F:.


  1. Go to Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Click Command Prompt.

    On newer versions of Windows right mouse click and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

  2. Click Start>>Computer/My Computer.
    Look for a Removable (F:)(Example only)CMD2.png
  3. Type F: then enter. You will notice that the blinking line will go down and display F:\>CMD3
  4. Now type in attrib -s -h -r /s /d then enter, the blinking line will go down again.
     Dos-attrib-s-h-r-s-d (1)
  5. Go to your drive, and see if you can now see all of the hidden files now.
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