Simple Dish with Thinly Sliced Potatoes Turns Out to be a Crispy, Mouthwatering, to-die-for Snack! -done

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It looks like a crispy, potato ratatouille!

Are you having people over for a get-together but don’t have the perfect dish in mind? Do you want a dish that will feed many people but want to make sure that what you make is something praise-worthy? Then this dish is perfect for you!

Made with just a few ingredients, the ‘Crispy Potato Roast’ is a delicate, flavorful, and easy to make dish. Though the materials used are quite cheap, the end product looks fancy and ‘upscale’.

The only difficult part when making this dish is when you thinly slice the potatoes. However, using a mandolin makes things easier. So, what else do you need? You will need four pounds of potatoes, butter, olive oil, salt, shallots, and herbs.

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Line all potatoes in a 9-inch dish, before sprinkling them with salt and a little bit of chilli flakes. Brush the entire dish with a mixture of olive oil and butter, to make sure it becomes as crispy as possible. Halfway in the oven, put a few dashes of thyme before continuing to bake it. It takes the entire dish to cook for about 2 hours.

Like what’s said on the YouTube video’s description, “the beautiful layered Crispy Potato Roast that’s flavored simply with red pepper flakes, shallots, and fresh thyme” is just something to die for!


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