Singapore Bank Confirms Sen. Trillanes Does Not an Have Account

     3 months ago

On Monday, September 28, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV traveled to Singapore to disprove President Rodrigo Duterte‘s allegations against him stating that he has an existing offshore account. The president Alleged that Sen. Trillanes has a bank account with Singapore bank, DBS, under the name “Antonio F. Trillanes” with the account number 178000296012. The president added that the said account contains 193,000 but did not state the currency of the said amount.

The senator immediately went to the DBS branch in Alexandra Road and arrived at past 9 A.M. to confirm if the said account number exists. Upon showing his passport, Senate ID, and a printout of the document with the said details which has been circulating on social media, a branch manager of the establishment confirmed that the said account number and account name does not exist.

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“There’s no such account,” one of the tellers stated.

Sen. Trillanes was then asked where he obtained the account number. He then explained that he was being accused by the Philippine President of having an account with the Singapore bank.

After talking with the branch manager for 10 minutes, Trillanes then asked for a certification from DBS. Unfortunately, they informed him that they could not issue him any bank statement since he is not on of their clients.

Footage of the senator’s visit to DBS Bank in Singapore is now making its rounds online further proving that the president’s accusations against him are false.

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Watch the video below to see the encounter between the senator and the bank manager:

Do you believe what the DBS Bank in Singapore said? 

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