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MANILA, Philippines—The outfits of President Rodrigo Duterte and his common-law wife Honeylet Avanceña for Monday’s State of the Nation Address has already been revealed.

According to fashion designer Bonie Adaza of Chardin Davao, the Presidential couple will be wearing Marawi-inspired creations.

Sketches of the Marawi-inspired outfits to be worn by Honeylet Avanceña and President Rodrigo Duterte at the State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 24, 2017. Photo source:

The president’s barong will be simple with touches of the okkil or okir pattern, which is distinguished by flowing geometric forms found in Maranao art works.

According to Adaza: “Yung barong na dinesign ko is may personal hand bead lang talaga. It is a tribute to Marawi. ‘Yung may okkil or okir-inspired na embroidery which is may geometrical patterns siya na design at saka mga vines.  Actually, same pa rin siya na concept doon sa mga previous barongs na ginawa ko for the President to make it more simple and same materials din.”

(“The barong I designed is nand-beaded. It is a tribute to Marawi. The okkil or okir-inspired embroidery consists of geometrical patterns and vines. Actually, it carries the same concept as the previous barongs I’ve designed for the President to make it more simple and using the same materials as well.”)

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President Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘barong’ for the SONA event on Monday, July 24, is designed by Bonie Adaza of Chardin Davao. Photo source:

Adaza explained that Avanceña originally suggested recycling the barong worn by Duterte during the ASEAN summit but the fashion designer recommended having the president wear a new one instead.

The designer noted, “’Yung sabi kasi ni Ma’am Honeylet sa akin, possibly ang gagamitin ni President na ‘yung barong na ginawa ko during the ASEAN affair. I told Ma’am Honeylet na I’ll just make a new one in case if ever magustuhan niya ‘yung design, ‘yun na ‘yung isusuot niya.”

(“Ma’am Honeylet told me that the President will possibly just wear the barong made for him for the ASEAN affair. But I told her that I’ll just make a new one and in case he likes what I’ll make then that’s the one he could wear.”)

Meanwhile, Adaza disclosed that Avanceña will wear the same green Filipiniana gown she wore at the ASEAN summit but, this time, with a hand-painted Maranaw accent on the skirt.

For Monday’s (July 24) SONA, Honeylet Avanceña will wear the same green Filipiniana dress she wore at the ASEAN gala held earlier this year. Designer Aris Lee Escarilla. will rework the elegant gown with a Maranaw-inspired accent on the skirt. Photo source:

According to Adaza’s fellow Chardin Davao designer, Aris Lee Escarilla, “Okir kasi ‘yung signature usually nilalagay nila like parang naka-carve siya na bean outside sa mga bahay ng mga sultan at mga datu. ‘Yung mga naka-protrude sa labas, kahoy na design.

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Ang advice niya sa akin is ayaw na niya magpagawa ng bago.  Ire-design ko na lang yung luma niya na green (gown) na isinuot niya sa ASEAN. Sinabi ko sa kanya, kung ganoon man lang, let’s have a theme. So, with what’s ongoing now in Marawi, we can apply it.”

(“Okir is a signature pattern carved like a bean outside the homes of sultans and datus. They are seen protruding at the facade and are made of wood.

“I was advised that she didn’t want to have a new outfit made. I’ll just redesign the gown she wore at the ASEAN gala. I told her that if that’s the case then let’s have a theme. So, with what’s ongoing now in Marawi, we can apply it (as inspiration).”)

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