Student Gets College Sponsorship and Job Offer after admitting to Scratching a Luxury Car

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The owner was moved by her honesty and decided to help her out with her future.

Everything was going good for Zhang Youquin. The 18-year-old from China just finished enrolling for college and she even had extra cash with her. She decided to keep the excess money safe in the bank, just in case she needed it for more important things.

But as she was looking at road signs on her way to the bank, she didn’t notice a parked Lexus ES350 nearby. To her horror, she accidentally scratched the luxury car. While most people would run away from the responsibility—knowing how expensive it can be—she decided to stay and wait for the owner. As soon as the owner came back, Zhang apologized and admitted to her wrongdoing.

“Uncle, are you the owner of this car? I’m very sorry about it. I accidentally scratched your car with my bicycle, and I’ve been waiting for you,” an apologetic Zhang said.

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Upon hearing Zhang’s heartfelt words, the man identified as Zang, who works for a property firm, was touched with the student’s honesty and bravery in telling him the truth and taking full accountability for her mistake.

“I was curious seeing a girl standing beside my car. She seemed to be in panic and scared when I first saw her. When I got to know that she waited under the hot sun for an hour, I was deeply touched. I told her that no compensation was needed,” he said.

Zhang broke down in tears and thanked Zang for his mercy towards her. The two engaged in a brief conversation and in the course of exchanging their life stories, Zang learned that she came from a poor family and that they only got her tuition fee amounting to 8,000 Yuan ($1,200) through a loan.

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Shortly, the director of the property firm where Zang was working learned about Zhang’s story. Instantly he admired the student and thought of giving her a reward for her honesty.

He said, “The scratched car was a Lexus, and it cost around 700,000 Yuan ($106,000). After inspection, the cost of repairing the car was set at 2,000Yuan ($300). However, the girl’s family wasn’t financially well off and it’d be rubbing salt on their wound if we asked her to pay up.  So, not only should we not ask her to pay, we should help her to complete her college education.”

And as Zhang’s reward, the company had sponsored her tuition fees for 4 years in college and was even offered a sure position in the company after her graduation.


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