Stunning ‘Glowing Garden’ in Bohol: a Popular Tourist Attraction for Only 30 Pesos per Person

     3 months ago
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The proprietor never knew it would be this popular!

In South Korea, a collection of 25,550 LED Rose Garden is a sight to behold. It just opened during fall three years ago and was loved by many, making it a semi-permanent exhibition. The garden became famous around the world, with many tourists visiting the country in hopes to see the garden.

However, yet another ‘glowing garden’ in the Philippines is slowly rising to fame, with many locals visiting the garden daily.

For only thirty pesos, anybody can enter and take pictures in the ‘Jardin Necitas-Pilar Glowing Garden’ in Pilar, Bohol. People can bring their families, loved ones, and friends to the said garden and enjoy a fairytale-like time with them.

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Though the garden is open from 10am to 10pm, the most amazing time would be at night, when the thousands of artificial flowers fill the darkness with incredibly beautiful and colourful lights.

Many locals and tourists describe the experience to be simply amazing, while some claim this is their first time to have seen something so beautiful that it seemed like a dream.

It is definitely time to pack those bags and head to Bohol in the Philippines!

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